Friday, July 5, 2019

My first #SportsVizSunday submission

Ok so I know it's not Sunday... But I've just posted my first #SportsVizSunday submission.

I was really keen to do this one as I love cycling and the TdF. The data set for the monthly challenge is available from Data.World and I wanted to focus on the British riders in the Tour, and because the original dataset didn't have the rider's nationality in it I needed to do some research and luckily there was this website listing all of the British riders.

So here's my visualisation:
 Interactive version

Click on the image to view the interactive version.

There was one feature which I played around with a while and finally got to work by using set actions. I wanted the circles for the British riders to stand out by size and colour, but when you selected a specific rider to make the size of the other riders blend in (as demonstrated in the video below):

So to achieve this I created two sets containing 1) a list of all the British riders and 2) the selected rider. By creating a combined set of the overlap between these two sets I could create a set action which, when a single rider was selected it would just show the rider in set 2 and when no riders were selected it would show all the British riders in set 1. This combined set could then be used on size (values in/out the set are assigned different sized circles), while maintaining the colours which were defined by a calculation:

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